Chinese Title

English Title

“安” 的意思是什么? What does “安” mean?
一个淘气的孩子 A Naughty Child
我很困! I Am Tired!
你会如何选择? How Would You Choose?
拥抱 – 不是中国人的习惯 Hugging — Not a Chinese Custom
家务齐分享 Sharing Household Chores
福 “倒” 了 What “福” Means Upside Down
每天快走30分钟 Speed-walking for 30 Minutes a Day
狐假虎威 The Fox and the Tiger
训练一个探险家 Training an Explorer
可爱的大熊猫 Cute Pandas
炸油条 Deep-fried Dough Sticks
善意的谎话 White Lies
长寿的冰岛人 Icelanders’ Longevity
征文比赛第一名 The Winner of an Essay Competition
和蔼可亲的上海姑娘 A Nice Lady in Shanghai
幽默三则 Three Funny Stories
孟:一个中国姓氏 Meng: A Chinese Family Name
齐白石 Qi Baishi
如此待客 A Bad Host
喝咖啡 Drinking Coffee
建造自己的生活 Building One’s Life
“请慢用”和“以后再说” “Take Your Time” and “Maybe Later”
中国的北方和南方 The North and South of China
公园晨练 Morning Exercises in the Park
不要告诉我该怎么做! Don’t Tell Me What to Do!
火锅宴朋友 Hotpot — A Feast for Friends
三个不同的选择 Three Different Choices
中国人怎样买车 How the Chinese Buy Cars
不同的问候习惯 Different People, Different Greetings
一家人的考验 A Test for the Whole Family
幸运日期 Lucky Dates
中国的茶馆 Teahouses in China
海龟和海带 Sea Turtles and Seaweed
韩国人在中国 Koreans in China
“万” 字难写 The Character “万” is Difficult to Write
从水果中学习 Learning from Fruit
一个南京网友 A Netizen in Nanjing
绑在一起的翅膀 Wings Tied Together
唐诗两首 Two Poems from the Tang Dynasty
盲人的灯笼 A Blind Man’s Lantern
汉语的发音 Pronouncing Chinese
“好”的含意 The Meaning of “好” (“Good”)
穷和尚,富和尚 Poor Monk, Rich Monk
议价 Bargaining
自行车王国 Bicycle Kingdom
看风景还是拍照片? Sightseeing or Photography?
傻酒鬼 Funny Drunks
魔斧子 Whet the Axe
北京的出租车 Taxis in Beijing
黑猩猩戒烟 The Chimp that Quit Smoking
量词与名词 Measure Words and Nouns
十块钱的自行车 A Ten-Yuan Bike
哪里哪里 Where, Where?
爱因斯坦的手工作品 Einstein’s Handiwork
马的眼睛 The Horse’s Eyes
半夜电话 A Midnight Call
恋爱日记 A Diary of Her Love
伤心的故事 A Sad Story
最好的消息 The Best News
北京的四合院 Beijing’s Courtyards
美丽的茉莉花 Beautiful Jasmine
中国茶的礼仪 Chinese Tea Etiquette
铁杵磨成针 Grinding Iron Into a Needle
聪明的王子 The Clever Prince
香港的大排档 Hong Kong’s Snack Booths
一美元的汽车 The One-Dollar Car
男人下厨好处多 Cooking Is Good for Men
年画 New Year Pictures
给妈妈的信 A Letter to My Mother
三里屯 Sanlitun
为什么中国的十二生肖没有猫? Why Is There No Cat in the Chinese Zodiac?
愚人节 April Fool’s Day
幸运的清洁工 A Lucky Cleaner
这山望着那山高 The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side
读对联 Reading Signs
第一笔工资 My First Pay
全民爱乒乓 Ping Pong: A National Passion
“三大件”的变化 The Evolution of “Three Important Items”
下围棋的故事 A Tale of Playing Go