Key Features

Some of the Features of Discover China:

  • A communicative approach lets students learn by using the language in real-life situations, providing them with the tools they need to communicate in Chinese naturally
  • Language in context presents key vocabulary and language points in situations where students will encounter them in real life
  • Structured, effective learning based on the sequence of presentation, practice and production; lessons move from controlled practice to personalised tasks, which facilitates effective learning of the language
  • Inductive grammar teaching encourages students to discover the language rules of Chinese for themselves by identifying the patterns in targeted language samples
  • Meaningful and integrated character writing practice through grouping characters with common radicals to give ‘clues’ to the meaning — these high frequency characters are presented within the context of the unit theme
  • Insights into Chinese culture with “Cultural Corner” sections in each unit, promoting a deeper understanding of this remarkable country and its language
  • Extra pair work activities for each unit, provide additional communicative speaking practice
  • Supported by abundant resources including workbooks, teacher’s books, assessment tasks, MP3 downloads and extra speaking activities – the support materials allow both teacher-guided learning in the classroom and self-teaching at a pace suited to the individual student

Components of Discover China Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4:

  • Comprehensive Student’s Book with regular review units, vocabulary extension activities, extra speaking practice and detailed grammar explanations
  • Audio CD of all dialogues, reading passages, listening activities and pronunciation activities
  • Workbook + Audio CD to further develop students’ reading, writing and listening skills and enhance their grammar and vocabulary knowledge
  • Supportive resource website
    • Teacher’s Book (PDF format)
    • MP3 audio downloads
    • Conversations and Reading Passages with Pinyin (Levels 2-4)
    • Extra Chinese Character-writing Sheets (Levels 1&2)
    • Unit Quizzes
    • Assessment Tasks (with Audio files)
    • Language support: Basic Strokes and stroke orders, Common radicals, Measure words,  Question words

Course Map