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    Posted on 04 Apr 2019 in CLTalk, Teachers News

    Our newsletter CLTalk in the past, not only provided a wonderful insight in to what is happening in the world of Chinese teaching, it also presented a great opportunity in which Chinese Teachers could learn from and share knowledge. We at Macmillan Education recognise how important this was and so we would like to relaunch…

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  • Posted on 04 Apr 2019 in CLTalk

    l CLTalk 12 The Art of Conversation CLTalk 13 Teacher in the Spotlight – Duo LUAN Fina CLTalk 13 Presentation PPT How to Read Large Numbers in Chinese CLTalk 13 Large Numbers Activity Outline Final CLTalk 13 Large Numbers Exercise Sheet Final CLTalk 14 Teacher in the Spotlight – Theresa Munford CLTalk 14 Seven Step…

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