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A Double Celebration at Kings College London

Posted on 19 Feb 2020 in CLTalk

Over 40 students participated in the Nanyang Technical University project came to Language Resource Centre at 5 pm, Wednesday, 29th January, to take part in the celebration for the end of the project, as well as that for the Chinese New Year. The N.T.U. project produced a publication platform for digital resources related to Chinese young migrants in London collected by and for students taking advanced Mandarin courses at Kings College London. It also provided a great opportunity for Mandarin learners to extend the classroom boundaries and to explore the difference between Chinese culture and that of other countries.



Students enjoyed some Chinese snacks while playing the traditional Chinese riddle games. After an opening speech made by the Modern Language Centre director, Ann de Medeiros, students’ videos, feedback on the project were shared. It was followed by a certificate award ceremony hosted by Catherine Brossard, the M.C.L. Deputy Director and Dr. Hongfen Zhou, the Team Leader for East Asian and South Asian Languages. Two Mandarin Teachers who were closely involved in this project, Dr Jing Chu and Ms Helen Tang attended this event as well.


The diversity and depth of the topics chosen by the participants, as well as the good interaction between students and their teachers, were very impressive. It was great to hear that students have acquired more sensitivity towards norms and values prevalent in cultures other than their own. In addition, the friendship between students who worked together was very touching. With all the professional performance of the Mandarin team, the great help from the Professional Service Staff team and the positive feedback from the participants, truly made it a day to remember.


Dr. Hongfen Zhou

Team Leader for East Asian and South Asian Languages

Modern Language Centre

Kings College London.