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Teachers News 教师资讯 | Issue 9

Posted on 26 Feb 2014 in Teachers News

Welcome to Issue 9 of Teachers News.

This month we have our eye on culture in the Chinese language classroom.  How important is it?  When should we incorporate it?

First watch our video interview with Dr. Wendy Che who teaches Intercultural Communication and Chinese Culture and Society at Oxford Brookes University.  She discusses the role of intercultural communication in the classroom.

Then we have a free reading activity for you to use with your intermediate level students. ‘Take your Time’ and ‘Maybe Later’ from our graded reader Teahouses in China is a perfect way to teach your students how to use common greetings and phrases appropriately.

Finally, read Alison’s third blog about learning how to greet someone naturally in Chinese and the many different ways that people say hello around the world.

Interview with Dr. Che

Watch the Video on our You Tube channel

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‘Take your Time’ and ‘Maybe Later’

Download the Reading

Download the Audio File

Teahouses in China.indd

Have you eaten?

Read Alison Castle’s blog

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