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Teachers News 教师资讯 | Issue 6

Posted on 31 Oct 2013 in Teachers News

Welcome to Issue 6 of Teachers News where this month we’re looking at vocabulary building and activities that provide both practice and a bit of fun!   We’ve also got a new blog space where Alison Castle will share her experience of learning Chinese – the good, the bad and the ugly…

First, watch our trainer Dede Wilson in action at our recent teacher training workshop in Leeds.  She’ll demonstrate a ‘mingler’ activity and explain all the different ways you can use it to practice new words and use all four skills.

Then, download a free vocabulary activity that you can use straightaway in class: Vocabulary Hot-Seat. It’s simple to set up, and students really enjoy it.  Finally, Chinese is hard!  Find out what Alison has to say about her first few lessons in her blog.

Mingler Activity – Vocabulary Grid

Watch the Video

The Grid Picture

Vocabulary Hot-Seat

Download your free activity

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Chinese – How hard can it be?

Read Alison’s blog

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