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Teachers News 教师资讯 | Issue 5

Posted on 25 Sep 2013 in Teachers News

Welcome back to Issue 5 of Teachers News where this month we’re looking at Reading Skills and Strategies for learning a foreign language.

Some students believe that they need to know every character in a text before they can read proficiently.  Our first article looks at how important regular reading is for learners and how teachers should stage their activities so that students use their background knowledge and deduction skills to understand texts.

We then have 2 FREE sample readings for you try out with your learners from our Tiantian Zhongwhen graded reader series. You can download the materials and the audio, and use them in class.  Use the Cultural Insights as the basis of a discussion activity with your students.

Please refer to our How to Order section if you’d like to purchase copies of our readers.

Reasons to Read

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Girl reading on lawn

Hugging – Not A Chinese Custom

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A Nice Lady in Shanghai

Chinese Tea Etiquette

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Beijing's Courtyards