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Teachers News 教师资讯 | Issue 4

Posted on 22 Jul 2013 in Teachers News

Welcome to Issue 4 of Teachers News. This month we’re looking at Warmers and Fillers – what are they, why should we use them and what do they look like in action?

First have a read through our short article which has some helpful tips for managing your classrooms, and why it’s important to find the right activities to warm students up.

Then have a look at two short You Tube clips and watch trainer Dede Wilson working with teachers in our London workshop. She’ll show you how to use ‘Door, Window’ with your students to get them energized, and how to use ‘Ping Pong’ to practice numbers in an engaging and memorable way.


Let’s Warm Up!

Read our Article

May5 #5 For Web

Door Window Warmer

Watch the video


Ping Pong Warmer

Watch the video