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Teachers News 教师资讯 | Issue 11

Posted on 29 Apr 2014 in Teachers News

Welcome to Issue 11 of Teachers News.

This month we’re taking a close look at a specific activity called Jigsaw Reading.

Jigsaw Reading involves a collaborative approach to learning in which students practice not only their reading skills, but also speaking and summarising.

We’ve put together a series of posts that will be a great model for trying this out in class. First, watch our trainer Dede Wilson as she demonstrates a jigsaw activity with teachers in a recent training session.

Then, download the instruction sheet to try it out for yourself.  You can use a range of texts to do this activity type, and it works at all levels of ability. It’s also good for mixed ability where stronger students can help the weaker ones.

Finally if you are looking for an example of the kinds of texts you can use, have a look at our sample from Discover China 2, Unit 10.  You can use this straight away, or use it as a model to create something similar yourself!

The Discover China Team

Jigsaw Reading – Dede Wilson

Dede Issue 11

Watch the video

How to do a Jigsaw Reading

puzzle pieces image for issue 11

Download the instructions

Email texts from Discover China 2

DC 2 Small

Download the sample texts