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CLTalk – Issue 14

Posted on 14 Sep 2016 in CLTalk


Teachers in the Spotlight

Welcome to the latest edition of CLTalk, and our second issue of the new ‘Teachers in the Spotlight’ feature.

Wherever we go, we are always meeting teachers with great ideas, and a wealth of experience. So, we thought we would share some of this with our community of readers through CLTalk. This month we feature Dr. Theresa Munford who works at St. Gregory’s School, Bath.

In our first piece we have an interview with Theresa in which she shares some of her classroom experiences with us, and gives some insight into her own teaching interests and the challenges ahead for the CLT industry.

Next, you can download an activity that Theresa has used successfully in class to structure listening practice. There is an outline to follow which has been prepared for teachers to download and try out with their own students.

Finally, this autumn we have a number of workshops planned around the UK. The list of upcoming cities and dates is below.

CLTeachers: Dr. Theresa Munford

Meet Theresa from St. Gregory’s School Bath, UK

CLTask: Seven Step Listening

Download Theresa’s activity to try out in class.

CLTeam: Chinese Language Teaching Workshops

Join us for one of our Chinese language teaching workshops this autumn.

If you receive regular emailings from us, we will notify you of upcoming events in your area. Alternatively, contact us at